Addiction Killer

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  1. Addiction Killer

    Since 2012, we have helped more than 2 lakh drug addicts worldwide to help overcome their serious condition. Our Ayurvedic herbal product has been prepared with effective herbs and herbal ingredients that naturally fight for the root causes of intoxication. Learn More
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  2. Addiction Killer Ultra

    SKinRange believes in bringing the very best out of a person and through its range of extensive product, it aims to do just that. Learn More
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  3. Hydra Addiction Healer

    It is in an advance form & more effective (comparison given if already taken in past). It is high dose medicine & give more benefit as the body is cleaned with bad germs has already been removed . Learn More
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    Addiction Killer Liquid (Arq)

    After a huge demand, Sk presents addiction killer liquid that is completely natural and colourless. It can be mixed with juice, water, tea, and milk. It gives complete freedom from addiction of weeds, drugs, alcohols, and opium. Learn More

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4 Item(s)

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