An amazing hair loss cure : Kesh Kaya Gold

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Kesh Kaya Gold is a great solution for hair loss. It is an ayurvedic herbal medicine and a hair growth oil. It is fortified with potent herbs which make it the best hair growth oil treatment. 

Home remedies for hair loss in men


Honey is a great remedy. Apply honey with aloe vera pulp or any other substance that suits you. And taking honey daily in the morning will make your hair roots strong and will decrease the hair fall and it will also aid in optimal digestion due to which your hair and body will get appropriate nutrition. 


Bananas are rich in biotin. Biotin prevents hair fall by nourishing the hair follicles. Taking bananas regularly in the morning will make your hair stronger and will also improve your overall health and make you energetic. 


Eggs are highly rich in proteins and hair is also made up of protein. By the application of eggs, the hair will get protein due to which your hair will become stronger and thicker. 


Vinegar will help you in keeping your scalp clean and infection-free due to which hair follicles will become healthy resulting in reduced hair fall. It also keeps dandruff away.


Applying orange juice to your scalp will prevent your hair from dandruff which will prevent hair fall.

Yogurt and black pepper 

Applying black pepper mixed with yogurt is an effective remedy. It will make your hair strong and shiny. 

Proper hormonal balance 

By maintaining proper hormonal levels will definitely reduce the risk of hair loss in men. Hormonal imbalance can disturb the hair growth cycle leading to slow or no hair growth. 

Coconut oil and milk 

Coconut oil and coconut milk can make your hair follicles healthy and strong. 

Avoid alcohol and smoking 

Alcohol and smoking have very bad effects on health which directly affects hair leading in their thinning and falling. By lowering down the usage of alcohol will definitely boost your health leading to hair rejuvenation. 

Regular scalp massage 

Regular massage on scalp with the fingertips will increase the blood circulation to the hair roots which will make your hair stronger.

Kesh Kaya Gold is an amazing solution for hair loss. This complete hair loss treatment is 100% natural which does not have any side effects and works with full effectiveness and efficiency.


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