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Infertility can be disheartening for any woman. A woman's age plays a major role in fertility. Here are some points about infertility you should know. 

Nari Jeevan Jyoti is a great source to cure and overcome infertility. It is an ayurvedic herbal fertility treatment. It has the potency to reverse the symptoms of infertility and enhance the health of overall reproductive system. It increases the chances of conception. 

Fertility & Age

  • Age is the most important factor contributing to the infertility issues in women. 

Fertility-age relation 

  • Women's fertility mainly depends on the number and quality of eggs. 
  • As the women ages, the eggs starts to degenerate 
  • Over time, low egg count and poor quality of eggs make it difficult to conceive and to have a healthy pregnancy 

Fertility Rates By Age

  • Fertility in 20s
  • Years of highest fertility 
  • 25% pregnancy chance per cycle 
  • 96% conceiving chances within a year 
  • Fertility in 30s
  • Still good despite some new challenges 
  • 86% conceiving chances within a year
  • Past 35, fertility declines little faster
  • Fertility in 40s
  • Difficult to get pregnant naturally 
  • Most women rely on artificial infertility treatment 
  • Higher risk of complications 
  • Infertility Risk Factors 

Health risk factors 

  • Weight: extreme weight levels affects your fertility negatively
  • Age: their is retrograde changes in the quality and quantity of eggs
  • Sexual history: STDs may cause damage to the reproductive organs leading to infertility symptoms 

Behavioral risk factors 

  • Smoking: risk of miscarriage and reproductive damage can occur
  • Alcohol: overconsumption of alcohol encourages infertility problems 
  • Stress: excessive stress can disrupt the menstrual cycle 

Remember these risk factors and act accordingly. Fertility can be boosted if one adopts the healthy and right lifestyle. You can conceive at an older age if you take proper care of your reproductive health. 

Nari Jeevan Jyoti is a great way to get rid of infertility symptoms. It is a 100% natural & ayurvedic medicine which will enhance your fertility along with the overall health improvement. It has no side effects and works with full effectiveness and efficiency. 

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