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Factors responsible for causing diabetes.

Diabetes is caused by many factors and it is different for different people. it can be genetic, lifestyle, diet and environment etc. Diabetes has many types and each type has a different cause. Like type 1 is an autoimmune disease, type 2 is more of a genetic type etc. But there are some common triggers like;

* Viral or bacterial infection

* Chemicals toxins in food, water and air.

* Unidentified component causing autoimmune reaction.

* Bad diet

* Overweight

* Age

* Living a sedentary life etc.

Whatever may be the cause, the treatment is always for symptoms management and not for a complete cure. A cure for diabetes is not discovered yet. Of course many people are looking for the best natural cure for diabetes. But for now the best one can do is to make necessary adjustments in lifestyle and diet habits but the most integral part is choosing a good herbal medicine for diabetes so that normal sugar level is maintained.

Treatment options for diabetes.

There are various treatment options available for treating diabetes depending on the cause. In the search for the best diabetes treatment people often go to alternative medicine like ayurveda and homeopathy. There are also many herbal medicine for diabetes. When it comes to diabetes people often want a natural cure for diabetes without the use of all those prescription medication which usually causes adverse effects. Some of the much used prescription drugs for diabetes causes side effects like *Sulfonylureas: low blood sugar, upset stomach, skin rash etc

* Biguanides: kidney complications, tiredness and dizziness, metal taste etc

* Alpha-glucosidase inhibitor: gas, bloating, diarrhea etc. 

So instead of using these allopathics, it is better to go for herbal medicine for diabetes but you should understand that no natural cure for diabetes exists.

Best natural treatment for diabetes

In short, diabetes is a condition which causes the blood sugar levels to go up and down. It has various causes and various treatment options. If diabetes is left untreated it will cause organ damage, heart failure, hypertension, obesity, amputation, mental depression and stress etc. That is why diabetes needs to be taken very seriously in order to prevent dead like situations and to allow the patient to live a life as normal as possible. This can be achieved by a combination of well monitored lifestyle changes, diet plan and medications.


ll it takes is a stress-free environment, healthy lifestyle, a diabetic friendly diet and sugar medicine whenever required.


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