Do you have an intense craving for drinking alcohol? Do you find difficulty in controlling your addiction?

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4/24/2020 12:18 PM

In what ways does addiction of alcohol ruin your life ?


Even though addiction to alcohol triggers problems in life in multiple ways still most of the people go for it. Using alcohol as a short term relief can lead to disasters that can cost your life. It will not spare you from addiction if you try to sip for the first time. You will start craving for more and more. The addiction will affect your brain so deeply that whenever you would see any empty glass, it will send signals through nerves for having whiskey or rum. Regularly using a glass or bottle of alcohol can weaken your nervous system including the brain, heart, liver, kidney and even the digestive system. You will be damaging your health to such an extent with the addiction to alcohol that you will start suffering from cirrhosis of liver, pancreatitis . cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, brain stroke and heart attack. 


With increasing usage of alcohol, you will harm your academic studies and professional career. You will not be able to concentrate properly to do your studies and find a lack of interest in the workplace. You will develop mood swings that can be disturbing to the other people in the office. You will start spending money to fulfil the urge of craving and it will ruin your finances. 

Family and friends 

Your family members and friends may disown you due to your behavioral problems rising from alcoholism. You may not be able to judge who your real friends are under the effect of alcohol. You will be under the effect of hallucination. You will find your comfort zone in the company of alcoholic people. You will lose the sense to judge who are your real friends.  You will lose the judgement power, You will find difficulty in understanding what is right and what is wrong. 


You may finally find yourself in mental health for your uncontrollable behavior. It will  not be surprising to see you perform criminal activities under the effect of alcoholism. You can find yourself getting legally fined for your reckless behavior in public places. You can cause your own death by driving under the influence of alcohol. 

How can you overcome your craving for alcohol ?

As your entire body and mind becomes addicted to alcohol drinking , it becomes quite hard to leave it. But nothing can stop you to restrain from it. There are definitely ways to avoid alcoholism and it comes with regular practice. Overcoming the temptation to drink alcohol can be represented in following ways:

1)You need to promise yourself to stop drinking by choosing a particular date. It is quite true alcoholic addiction is so strong that it becomes hard to resist. Slowly and steadily you can reduce the number of glasses of wine or whiskey.

2) You can discuss with your family members your plan for leaving alcohol. With their support, you can make changes at home by removing all the bottles of alcoholic beverages and barware.

3) Anyone who is not supporting you in the process of leaving the addiction, then it is better to stay away from them. Avoid the contacts who invite you for drinking parties or to any bar or pub. You can recharge yourself by visiting cinema halls , restaurants and shopping clothes and other fashionable items. 

4) In order to overcome withdrawal symptoms like headache, nauseating tendency and anxiety, etc, you can help yourself with light snacks like nuts, sandwiches and fruit juices.It will help in building your appetite.

5)Visiting a rehab as one of the quit alcohol remedies may be quite costly. Treatment procedure may be quite lengthy. Chances of relapse are quite there. Therefore, relying on Ayurvedic medicines to stop alcohol can be a right decision. For instance, Addiction Killer guarantees recovery from addiction for lifetime.  

Why Addiction Killer?

  1. It is one of the amazing forms of ayurvedic medicines to stop alcohol. It can be secretly added to the food of the person who is addicted to alcohol or any other harmful substance. 

  2. It does not cause any side effects.But it will change the habit of the addict as he will not like the taste of alcohol. He will develop bitterness towards the alcohol’s taste or odour after using Addiction Killer. 

  3. Ingredients used in the formulation of Addiction Killer are natural herbs from Himalaya. It helps in improvement in taste buds of the addicted patient and he will stop craving  for alcohol or other addictive items. 

  4. His overall health will be on the road to recovery and within a month he will be completely free from the influence of addiction. 

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