When Alcoholism becomes an Addiction?

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2/1/2020 2:41 PM

Normal drinking does not give harms to human body and to the life of people but when the drinking doses go out of control it can make big changes to your life. According to research alcohol abuse is the most common addiction among teenagers that ruin their life properly. Many people seek solutions for how to leave alcohol, as they find themselves unable to limit their daily drinking doses.  In this blog we will discuss when alcoholism converts into addiction and how to leave alcohol.

People come in trap of alcohol in following ways and they become so habitual to it that they need to follow alcohol addiction treatment for attaining their happy life again:

Phase 1 Occasional Drinking

People mostly teens take amount of alcohols when they attend parties or any functions. They use to experience it and try to test their limits of taking doses of alcohols. Heavy doses of alcohols can lead a person to coma and can even cause deaths.

Phase 2 Increase Drinking

After taking high doses of alcohols people try to find out the occasions for taking amount of alcohols and hence, they try to join each and every event for consuming alcohol. In this way, people start to increase the intervals of their alcohol consumption.

Phase 3 Problem drinking

When a person starts to consume alcohol frequently, it brings a lot of changes in their life.  As soon as a person skips his dose, he starts to have different mood swings and craves for alcohol. At this stage, people start to face problems in their life, friends, moods, and behaviour due to lack of alcohols.

Phase 4 Alcohol dependence

At this phase, a person does no longer take alcohol for pleasure and alleviating stress. Here, he becomes completely dependent on alcohol and his need for alcohol starts to increase so rapidly and becomes an addict to it. He does not see any other thing except alcohol at this level.

In this way a normal person falls into trap of alcohol addiction and this addiction can be eradicated through bringing changes in normal life and following alcohol addiction treatment. People must quit alcohol for a healthy life style.

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