Best Powder for Stop Drinking Alcohol & Smoking

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12/24/2019 12:37 PM

Addiction Killer is an ultimate and one stop solution to cure substance dependency. It is the best powder for stop drinking and quit smoking. By its proper and regular doses a person's mindset gets altered and he/she becomes vulnerable to cure.

Positive Effects Of Quitting Smoking :

  • After 20 minutes :

Your blood pressure and heart rate will almost reach to the normal levels. Your blood circulation will improve and your hands and fingers will begin to feel warm. 

  • After 12 hours of quitting smoking :

Within 12 hours the carbon monoxide (CO) levels will begin to reduce and the oxygen level in the body will rise to normal and healthy levels. This is a great and positive change which states that your body has started the beginning of an improvement in oxygenation and overall health.

  • After few days of quitting smoking :

One or two days later, you can feel the improvement in your sense of taste and smell and you will feel more energized. 

  • After a few weeks of quitting smoking :

With lots of changes going on in your body,  your breathing, blood circulation, and lung function will improve. You can feel the differences and be able to breathe nicely, will perform regular activities with more energy and properly and will do exercises without any discomfort. 

During the next few months, your lung function and health will get enhanced. Your lungs will begin to repair and will function well thus reducing your respiratory problems like coughing and sneezing. 

Health benefits of quitting smoking :

It reduces the following risks :

  • Cancer, especially lung cancer 

  • Respiratory troubles like cough and shortness of breath 

  • Coronary heart disease within 1 to 2 years of quitting 

  • Cardiovascular diseases and stroke 

  • In women of reproductive age, it reduces the risk of infertility 

Keep these points in mind to quit smoking as smoking is really dangerous for health. 

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