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Diabetes is a growing problem in the entire world. Adult people who have large bellies are at risk of developing diabetes. While type-1 diabetes is a condition that develops in childhood and called early-onset diabetes. Type-2 diabetes is caused due to certain lifestyle choices, most notably excess weight.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition related to low secretion of insulin. The role of insulin is to get glucose into cells. Most cells cannot absorb glucose directly, so the pancreas produces insulin that attaches itself to glucose. This allows the glucose to become absorbed by cells and used as energy.

When a person’s body does not produce enough insulin, or the insulin does not work properly, glucose in the blood increases to dangerous levels. A person has to thoroughly follow Diabetes medications to control this disease.

Type-1 diabetes

Type-1 diabetes is something that usually becomes obvious in childhood or early adulthood, before the age of 40.

People with type-1 diabetes can't produce insulin. This is because the body’s immune system mistakenly targets and destroys cells in the pancreas that make insulin.

Type 2 diabetes

People with type-2 cannot produce enough insulin, or the insulin they do have is not used properly by the body.

There are several risk factors that will make you more susceptible to type-2 diabetes. These include:

Age: If you are over the age of 40 you have a greater risk of developing the condition.

Genetics: Having parents or other close relatives with type-2 diabetes increases your chances.

Weight: Overweight or obese people have greater chances of developing type-2 diabetes.

Due to the excesses of modern living, the number of people with type-2 diabetes has increased throughout the world.

According to studies, extra weight present around the stomach increases the likelihood of developing type-2 diabetes. The reason is that fat accumulated around the abdomen secretes chemicals that resist the response to insulin.

Weight loss and diabetes

Men having waistline circumference greater than 102cm or 40.2inches are five times more likely to get diabetes.

Women having waistline circumference greater than 88cm or 34.inches are three times more likely to get diabetes.

Anyone who is at risk of type-2 diabetes can minimize the chances by eating a balanced diet and taking regular exercise, thereby losing weight, particularly around the waistline.

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