How Can You Eliminate the Problem of Addiction from Life

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6/11/2020 3:42 PM

There is a difference between a habit and an addiction. Habit can be repetition of any positive or negative action on a regular basis. On the other hand, addiction is a form of negative action that is carried out unconsciously or when the mind and body fails to control it. Addiction is always connected with unconscious practice of bad things or actions in life or which does not fall under socially acceptable norms.  Bad things or socially unacceptable things are drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine and many other things. Addiction to smoking tobacco, drugs and drinking alcohol can lead a person to a dangerous phase of life. He or she will not have control over his or her behavior or actions in the public or amongst the family members. Any addict’s behavior can be a matter of embarrassment for family, friends and peers and they might desert him or her.

Tendency to smoke a cigarette or going ahead further by trying drugs and alcohol may happen to anyone at lowest moments of life. Or may be in the mood of having fun and pleasure in the surroundings of friends and same age group people in the parties or social gatherings. Or out of curiosity to try and see what happens after smoking or drinking alcohol. Maybe you were warned by your parents and other elders. Such restrictions may have been frustrating for you as you may have felt as a challenge to risk your inner freedom. It is a human tendency that when he or she is warned against certain things , he or she will be attracted to it and do it even in hiding.  Addiction to any form of substance abuse and alcoholism can do only worse instead of doing anything good to you. It inculcates criminal tendencies inside you and when it will explode you never know. It will ruin your physical health and mental condition also. Your brain and nerves will send messages of withdrawal symptoms like nauseating tendency, vomiting , sleeplessness and pain in different parts of the body when you try to stop the intake of tobacco, banned drugs and alcohol.

Therefore, it is important to see that for an addict not just to quit smoking and quit alcohol, but to quit addiction as a whole. Because , you may have learnt the tricks or gained stamina to quit smoking and quit alcohol,  still the inner nature of craving and dependency remains  and it can take another or may be replaced by some other substances like junk food and chocolates, etc. It is necessary to combat the addiction with not only healthy counselling but also with an ayurvedic supplement like Addiction Killer. This ayurvedic supplement has been saving the lives of many people who are under the influence of addiction to life threatening substances. The surprising benefits that can reverse the life of any addict are highlighted as follows:

a)    Its natural ingredients make the person not tolerate the smell and taste of addictive things.

b)   His or her taste buds will influence his or her inner desire to try for nutritious foods.

c)    Even after the period of medicated dosage of the supplement is over, addictive disorder will not relapse.

d)   It will be more surprising to see the addict developing interest or craving more of an addiction killer.  It will recharge his or her life with positive energy and good health.

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