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9/18/2019 11:33 AM

Hormonal imbalance refers to the change in hormones that occurs due to various reasons. The too much hormones or too little hormones in blood stream leads to hormonal imbalance. These hormones are basically responsible for many bodily functions and a mere change in hormones can affect a body in many ways.

Hormones play an important role in regulating following body processes:

  • Metabolism and appetite

  • Heart rate

  • Sleeping cycles

  • Reproductive cycles

  • Responsible for stress and mood levels

  • Body temperature

Hormonal imbalance affects the all the mentioned body processes drastically and these changes may be differed from person to person. One should take care of her health and notice the changes in her body to avoid future harms. Following are the signs that can help a woman to identify the hormonal imbalance:

Excessive weight 

The hormonal imbalance includes production of high level of estrogen, cortisol, insulin, and low level of thyroxin gives extra fat on belly.

Sweaty skin

As we discussed that hormonal imbalance affects body temperature, it results in excessive sweating. 

Low sex desire

In female sex hormones are produced in ovary. The change in estrogen and progesterone hormones lowers your sexual drive.

Hair loss

The excessive hair fall is also sign of hormonal imbalance. If you face hair loss even after the seasonal cycle of hair fall then you must ensure that you have hormonal imbalance.

Extreme fatigue

If you feel tiredness after proper sleep and diet, it can also happen due to change in thyroid hormone. This can also cause lack of sleep and excessive stress.


Persistent acne happens due to change in levels of androgens hormones. One can notice these acnes before menstrual cycle.  

If these changes are observed, one should seek for the hormonal balance treatment to live a healthy life.

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