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1/13/2020 5:59 PM

Addiction Killer is a great way to overcome substance dependency. It helps you stop drinking and is a  quit smoking ayurvedic medicine which is formulated with all-natural ingredients. It has the ability to make you vulnerable to cure with great effectiveness and efficiency. 

Signs Of Relapse: 

  1. Denying vulnerability to relapse

  2. Making excuses for substance use

  3. Not being active in recovery efforts 

  4. Social problems 

  5. Idealizing substance use

  6. Neglecting physical or emotional health

  7. Boredom and isolation 

  8. High risk situations 

  9. Stress

Get help

  • Talk to a friend or people who can support you 

  • Participate somewhere which can distract you 

  • Go back into treatment 

Tips For Avoiding Relapses:

  • The most important thing before relapse isn't the final decision to use cigarettes or alcohol, it's how well prepared you are to combat the triggers. 

  • You can combat triggers by making some notes in your phone, see them read them whenever you’re feeling weak, etc.

  • If you are feeling the urge to use, try to wait it out. If you are successful in distracting yourself for even 30 minutes, your intensity of cravings will lessen. 

  • Focus on replacing your past use of substance with positive new ones. 

  • Remind yourself that cravings will pass. The feeling of urge will go away by distracting your mind from it.

  • You'll have to give up the habits or places that lead you to use them. 

  • Have a plan when things go bad sometimes as there is a possibility. Like people get fired, hearts get broken, or lose some closed one.

  • Be consistent towards your sobriety. Don't be a fool that you have been sober for a long time, now it's time to get a reward. If you do so there is a great chance that you will suffer from addiction again.

  • If you do have relapses then just don't give up. Giving up can bring you again at the point from where you started.

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