Cure the PCOS Problem Naturally

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About PCOS

PCOS generally termed as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome that is a kind of hormonal imbalance specified by insulin resistance. This is stage of endocrine disturbance in women at the age of reproduction. According to data 21% of women are affected by PCOS.  PCOS is also connected with infertility.  There are methods which can cure PCOS naturally.

Symptoms of PCOS

Women affecting from PCOS problem can observe the following changes in their body. These changes can be seen with the help of doctors:

ü  Ovary starts getting cysts in it. It happens when eggs fails to release.

ü  Thin hairs are also the sign of PCOD problem.

ü  Generally, ovaries forms normal amount of male sex hormones called androgen, but PCOS cause more androgen to generate in ovaries

ü  Acne is also seen on the face of a woman affected from PCOS problem.

How to cure PCOS naturally?

There are lot of Ayurvedic treatments for infertility and methods to cure PCOS naturally. Given below are the steps that can be taken to cure PCOS problem:

  • Get a healthy weight.  Reduced weight cut down the levels of insulin and androgen. Consult with a dietician to prepare a healthy diet chart and an adequate weigh according to body mass index.
  • Decrease the amount of carbohydrates from your food, as high amount of carbohydrates increases the level of insulin in body.
  • Lowering blood sugar level can also reduces the risks of PCOS problem. Involve yourself in regular exercise and work outs.

Apart from the above methods of treating PCOS naturally, many Ayurvedic treatments for infertility can also be adopted to cure PCOS. This can be cured, so live with positivity. It is just a kind of hormonal imbalance that can be cured with the consultation of a good doctor.


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