Excellent Ayurvedic Medicine to Quit Smoking

Posted on :- 13th January, 2020 | Posted By :- Author

Addiction Killer is a one stop solution for your smoking habit. It is an ayurvedic medicine to quit smoking which has a great potency to divert your mind from nicotine. It is fortified with powerful herbs which works together and makes a person vulnerable to cure. 

How to quit smoking?

  • Take ADDICTION KILLER daily :

It is an amazing ayurvedic medicine and the best cure for alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco and drugs dependency. It is a 100% natural medicine which does not have any side effects and has a 100% effectiveness and efficiency. 

  • Always remember to take deep breaths :

It's amazing how some deep breaths can relieve your stress. Slowly inhale  and exhale and feel yourself calming. Always do this when you have an urge to smoke.

  • Use the phone :

If you are feeling tempted or having cravings then call your quit buddy,or quit counselor or even your closed one who can support you. Reaching out to someone  can make you feel better and they may give you better advice and it will also divert your mind from the urges of smoking. 

  • Drink plenty of water :

Drinking plenty of water will wash out all the toxic chemicals from your body like nicotine which can cause strong cravings. Drinking a glass of cold water slowly will help you pass the craving. Drinking plenty of water will keep your blood purified which will keep you away from cravings. 

  • Stick to smoke-free places : 

Plan to spend your free time in places where smoking isn't allowed. Get together with friends who don't support smoking and go on a trip with them like in malls, museums, or movies or other smoke free places.

  • Take walks after meals :

If you used to have cigarettes after meals try to avoid new routine of your meals. Taking a walk after a meal is a great way to change things up. Not only it will help you avoid triggers and cravings but it will also reduce stress and anxiety and help with digestion. 

  • Chew on something :

At least in the beginning, you may feel like you are missing something in your mouth which can lead you to relapse. Try putting things similar to cigarettes in your mouth like a lollipop, a stick, straw, or swizzle stick can help. You can also use toothpicks, cinnamon sticks.


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