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Aasthi Sanjeevani

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Reliable to get relief from joint pain, muscular pain, sprain, back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica This Ayurvedic oil is a mixture of herbs and oils, an anti-arthritic property that strengthens bone tissues and musculoskeletal systems.
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Earlier it was believed that the health of the bone was important only during childhood because it is an early age, we now know that during bodily health care, bone health maintenance is equally important to prevent bone problems in later stages of life.

Keep in mind that in addition to the use of your diet and herbs, leading a physically active lifestyle promotes the health of bones, thus reducing the risk of bone loss as early as possible. And Asthi Sanjivani ayurvedic medicine your corresponding effect activates, which comes is a form of oil. There are no side effects of using this medicine. It gives you fast results for a long time makes your bones healthy and stronger. Asthi Sanjivani is also very useful in back pain, joint pain, shoulder pain etc.

Diet plays an important role in the health of bones and therefore it is important to include calcium-rich food items in your daily diet. However, it is equally important to ensure that food should be healthy.

As directed by the physician.

As directed by the physician.


Each 1gm. Contains

  • Ashwagandha 20mg
  • Arand 150mg
  • Ama Haldi 50mg
  • Chandan (Red) 50mg
  • Nagarmotha 50mg
  • Aak 100mg
  • Devdaru 100mg
  • Kantkari 100mg
  • Gokharu 50mg
  • Punarnava 120mg
  • Dhatura 100mg
  • Rashna 50mg
  • Nirgundi 50mg

Each 5ml of Asthi Sanjivani OIL contains:

  • Ashwagandha 50 mg
  • Kanthkari 100mg
  • Gokharu 100mg
  • Bala 100mg
  • Punarnava 100mg
  • Rashna 50mg
  • Devdaru 50mg
  • Saunf 50mg
  • Haldi 25mg
  • Jatamansi 25mg
  • Chandan 50mg
  • Manjistha 50mg
  • Nagarmotha 500mg
  • Tejpatra 50mg
  • Bach 50mg
  • Arand Oil 2ml
  • Dalchini Oil 2ml
  • Gandhpura Oil 0.4ml
  • Nilgiri Oil 0.4ml
  • Menthol 500mg
  • Kapoor 500mg

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