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Ayush 82 (180 tabs - 3 bottles) Tablet Pack of 3

Quick overview:
An effective ayurvedic formula for management of sugar or sugar control.
The C.C.R.A.S has found a combination of herbal ayurvedic products effective in ( MADHUMEH ) or sugar this formula was named as Ayush 82.
- It works by stimulating the pancreatic ‘B’ cells or by increasing the sugar utilization at tissue level.
- It enhances of ojus and bala in the patients. No side Effects were noticed with Ayush82.
- Formula found and Approved by CCRAS, Ministry of Ayush
- Clinical trials on humans makes it more effective and evidence based product.
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Each 600 MG Tablet contains extra drive from 3.75 gms powder of andra beeja mangifera indica linn. part used seed endocarp 937.5 mg. equal to 187.5mg extract in the ratio of 5:1, Krvella beeja ( momordica charantia linn.) part used seed 937.5 mg. equal to 93.75 mg. extract in the ratio of 10:1 , Gudmara Patra ( Gymnema sylvestra R.Br) part used leaf 937.5 mg. , jambu beeja ( suzygium cumini L. Skeels) part used 937.5 mg. equal to 93.75 mg. extract in the ratio of 10:1.

Usage Benefits: Helps to regulate sugar and complication arising due to sugar .

Dosage: 2tablets twice a day half an hour before meals or as directed by the physician

Amra beeja

It gives amazing results in lowering blood sugar level. It alters enzymes of the intestines and liver to reduce absorption of glucose. It also reduces weight and waist's circumference REF : BPN-552

Karvella beeja

Helps in preventing rise of blood sugar levels. It helps to cure insulin resistence without taking any external medication. REF: BPN-684

Gudmar Patra

It has gymnemic acid, which helps in neutralizing the excess sugar present in the body. REF: BPN-443

Jambu beeja

It has hypoglycemic effect. It contains jamboline, a type of glucose, which helps to control the conversion of starch into sugar. REF: BPN-570

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4 Customer Review (s)

Boosting Permanent Recovery from Sugar Problem!
I never thought that this economy pack of Ayush 82 diaba treat would help me to revive my blood sugar problem within a short span of time. Whereas , I have been trying to balance my sugar level for years with prescription drugs for years. It is the best medicine I have never used. I feel permanently relieved!
October 27, 2020 1:20:16 PM IST
Ayurvedic medicine helped me recover easily!
Earlier, I had used prescription drugs to get rid of diabetes. Side effects kept troubling me. Then I found the information about Ayush 82 on the internet and it's been 3 months. I see that my sugar level is under control. The tablets have relieved me from health issues related to diabetes. I am thankful for whoever made this life-saving medicine for diabetes.
Paresh Das
October 1, 2020 7:10:25 PM IST
This Medicine Healed My Diabetes!
Sugar problem has been part of my life for a long time. Trying to control it with injections and medicines has been always a tough time. I used Ayush 82 Diaba Treat for balancing my sugar level. I did not see any side effects like prescription drugs. My health is now fine and it makes me feel that I do not have diabetes anymore. Try using it and I assure you will also have the same opinion. Thanks Ayush 82 diaba treat!
September 15, 2020 1:48:36 PM IST
A Superb Medicine!
I am now 68 years old, and my diabetic symptoms developed a few years ago. I regularly took insulin to control sugar level. But it still remains as it is high. I found this product on the internet, I purchased it and found positive changes in my life. Surprisingly improvement came with no side effects.
Kishore Kumar
June 16, 2020 2:49:42 PM IST
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