How Ayurvedic Medicine is Best for Controlling Piles Disease?

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Hemorrhoids or piles not only affect the elderly people but also become a common problem among the younger generation. It is because the younger lot is depending on processed meats and fast foods nowadays. It is engaging in long hours of watching television or playing video games, doing desk jobs and sitting for long hours in the toilet lead to constipation. Constipation is associated with when the person is finding very difficult to discharge the stool and the pressure build up and that causes tissues around the rectal or anal area to swell, bleed and cause itching and inflammation. 

Many people shy away from discussing their discomfort and painful experience with tissues of piles prolapsing outside the rectal area. In some cases, hemorrhoids do go away without medication but others do require piles treatment whose piles problem is not showing any healing symptoms even after a few weeks. There are different prescription drugs that can help the person to recover from the painful and unpleasant phase of piles tissues but there are chances of coming back. But when you are using any ayurvedic medicine for piles, you will be able to experience the following healing symptoms.

âž”       It will heal your digestive tract.

âž”      It will cause normal bowel movement.

âž”      The piles tissues will shrink.

âž”      No side effect will be seen.

Dr. Piles Free from SKinRange is formulated with natural herbs  for piles treatment. Such herbs are Kutraj, Nag Keshar, Haritaki, Mochras and Lauh Bhasm. These herbs are quite commonly used for managing the piles problem.

Kutraj: Its astringent property stops bleeding and causes piles tissues to disappear.

Nag Keshar: Apart from causing the healing of piles, this powerful herb controls diarrhea and other digestive disorders.

Haritaki: With its antiinflammatory property, it controls the itching, pain, inflammation or any form of discomfort related to hemorrhoids.  It controls the constipation.

Mochras: It has the ability to heal wounds and bleeding that occurs from the piles tissues.  It smoothen the bowel movement.

Lauh Bhasm: Helps in recovery from blood loss due to hemorrhoids.  It controls anemia and liver disorders.

How to use Dr. Piles Free?

You need to take 1 capsule, 3gm of powder and oil for topical application of this ayurvedic medicine for piles.

It is then only you will experience steady recovery within a week.

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