How Can We Raise Awareness Against Drug Abuse Globally?

Posted on :- 4th July, 2020 | Posted By :- Author

Drug abuse relates to the use of certain chemicals which causes addiction or dependency once it provides the pleasurable effect to the brain. Enhancement of dopamine in the brain which actually sends signals for further intake of drugs.  It's the impulsive nature of the person which leads him or her  on the path of addiction. It's the youngsters under the age of 30 and the teenagers  who are deeply influenced by use of drugs. As a measure to release the short term stress or anxiety, cannabis, ecstasy, heroin, steroids and hallucinogens .etc come to use. But then the outcome is it leaves the shades of darkness in the addict’s life and in the form of dark circles under his or her eyes.                                                  

Whoever the person may be , if he or she becomes an addict then it is not his or her life that is in danger , it will put the rest of the family members under the influence of trauma. Today, there are more than 190 million people who are easily addicted to drugs. Figure is a real concern as the health of all these drug addicts is turning from bad to worse with increasing intake of drugs. Liver cirrhosis , cardiovascular disease , diabetes and other major illnesses develop in the body due to drug abuse.

To raise awareness in relation to the drug use that is spreading across the globe like an epidemic and damaging the human race, 26th June is marked as the International day against Drug abuse . It has been celebrated since the year 1989 by the United Nations in the form of campaigns, rallies and poster designing.  We can realise the importance of this international event by addressing the health and righteousness in life  with the support of Addiction Killer and Nasha Free. These  ayurvedic products from Skinrange  guarantee absolute recovery from drug abuse and the promise of good health and longevity.

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