How PCOS problem is a barrier for fertility?

Posted on :- 9th October, 2019 | Posted By :- Author

Roughly 60% of women are going through PCODs and other disorders that indirectly lead to infertility as all these problems are related to uterus and will eventually disrupt the menstrual cycle which is necessary for reproduction. Often it is said that the hormones also have a huge impact on the uterus and having a hormonal imbalance treatment will be beneficial whereas the whole problem can be resolved by a good fertility supplement that can help recover the various discomforts slowly and bring the power to reproduce normally. 


  • can occur to anyone at any age 

  • At a reproductive age when the female body is ready for reproduction.

  • Heredity can also be a reason for it.

  • SIgns of diabetes or obesity in the previous generation is also a reason for it.


The very commonly found problem is PCOD often called PCOS it is mainly a hormonal disorder in which hormones are not stable and according to the normal range which creates the mess inside the body and results into excess male hormones generation and due to it the ovaries get affected and fail to produce eggs and the female miss her menstrual cycle ultimately.

Other than these effects, female going through this get facial hair and also hair growth on the chest where is normally a girl does not have hair growth on both the areas. Acne is a part of this too due to missing the periods the body temperature keeps on increasing and this leads to a heavy acne problem in which people get it on their body parts like back, shoulder, biceps, and chest.

Rather going for a surgery to get pregnant try fertility supplements and get the happiness of being a mother. Whereas the females who have periods related issues can also be solved by hormonal imbalance treatment.


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