How To Quit Smoking - Is It Hard To Quit

Posted on :- 17th July, 2019 | Posted By :- Author

Smoking:  It is hard to quit

Smoking is a habit that takes place gradually in a person`s life and with the pace of time, the person becomes addict to it. Smoking contains nicotine that gives a relaxing impact on a person`s mind. After knowing the several harmful effects of smoking, people find it really tough to quit smoking.

Nicotine has instant and direct effect on mind that boosts the relaxing power and relieves stress and people find it easy to consume. This is the reason how a person becomes addict to smoking. Smoking includes inhaling of nicotine through cigarettes, bidis, and cigars. To quit smoking might seem difficult but it is not impossible.

How to quit smoking?

There are various ways to cut down the trials of smoking in a day. People generally ask how to quit smoking quitting smoking does not include lessening the amount of nicotine used. Besides it, it requires to make several changes in your mood and behavior. Following methods can be taken into consideration for leaving smoking:

  • Involve yourself in some creative things that can give you pleasure and keep you away from the thought of smoking.
  • If you have really made up your plan to quit smoking and finding the ways regarding how to quit smoking then decide a fix date for starting up your quit smoking challenge
  • Washing all your clothes can also help you, as it will remove the smell of cigarettes and cigars from your clothes and consequently you will remain away from smoking
  • Substituting cigarettes with other things like chocolates, sugars, tooth picks, and lollipops can also prove beneficial in quitting smoking
  • Making yourself busy in other things can distract your mind from smoking.
  • Visiting natural places and meeting good friends will motivate you to leave smoking and help you to find a better way for gaining a healthy life.


To quit smoking is a tough case, but by adopting all above methods one can easily quit it. Smoking can take your healthy life. So, it is never late to take right decision. Avoid smoking from now. 

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