Know the Benefits of Ayurveda

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Before knowing how beneficial ayurveda can be for you know the causes Tobacco

The main reason behind tobacco addiction is that it stimulates the increase in levels of dopamine hormone which gives sensations of pleasure and reward. Not only this it also enhances the concentration and increases the release of neurotransmitters which in turn causes the dopamine rush and makes the smokers crave for the dopamine rush which leads to addiction.

Know what your addiction can do to you

The addiction of tobacco causes Lung Cancer by damaging the cells lining the lungs because of Carcinogens that acts as a catalyst in the formation of cancer. The changes begin immediately inside the body as soon as the smoker lights up his first Cigarette or consumes tobacco or any sort of drug and at first it is easily repaired by the body however the excessive and regular intake causes regular harm to the body. It also causes breathing diseases, Asthma and loss of stamina too. Not only it harms the smoker but also the passive smokers who are involuntarily inhaling all the smoke, it affects their health by causing lack of stamina and respiratory disorders.

 Know the ayurvedic way to get rid of addiction with ADDICTION KILLER

Addiction Killer is an anti smoking drug in  ayurvedic medicine to quit addiction,  and the medicine to leave alcohol. It is totally chemical free and does not harm the body of the consumer. It does wonders in helping a person quit this hazardous habit and get back on the track to a healthy lifestyle. With a little bit of self-control and a focus an addict can redirect his way to a new and a cleaner life and avoid the harmful diseases and all the other life taking effects alcohol consumption and smoking has on an addict's body. This medicine comes in powder form to stop drinking and  smoking, it  is completely natural and herbal without any color and odor which means that there will be no side effects and any negative effects on the body plus it being odorless and colorless it is easy to consume and it does wonders in helping an addict get out of the curse of addiction. They can be easily slipped inside the food of the addict and they being odorless and colorless cannot be found and get easily mixed up with the food.    

It is important to get yourself out of this trap of addiction if you want to live freely and want to enjoy every bit of your life!.

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