Real Hair Loss Treatment Best Hair Oil for Men

Posted on :- 18th January, 2020 | Posted By :- Author

Hair is something that helps in building an individual's personality. Kesh Kaya Gold is a great solution for Hair loss. It is an ayurvedic herbal medicine and a hair oil for men. It is fortified with potent herbs which works together and starts a new hair regrowth cycle.

Hair Care Tips Every Men Must Follow :

1. The most common mistake men make is over washing the hair. Avoid this habit as it can damage your scalp and make your hair weak leading to falling of hair.

2. Don't be so hard on your hair as hair tends to be weak. Gently brush your hair when they are dry. thus it’s advisable to gently dry your hair, don’t rub it.

3. Get hair cut at a regular period of time. It will eliminate the thin and weak hair. Hair cur leads to proper hair growth.

4. Make a egg mask for the conditioning of your hair. This will make your scalp healthy and strengthen your hair.

5. Chlorine in the pool is very harmful and causes huge damage to hair thus men should apply conditioner or use swimming caps.

6. Avoid using too much hair products. Most of the hair products contain harsh chemicals which can damage your hair.

7. Don't use too much shampoo. Excess shampoo can accumulate on the scalp resulting in it's damage and causing dandruff.

8. Make sure to use the right quality shampoo and conditioner or which suits your hair type and use them in the right amount.

9. Avoid using hair dryer. Let your hair dry by itself. This will avoid the frizziness of hair.

10. Get a haircut in every 4-6 weeks.

11. Know your scalp type and choose the hair care products accordingly.

12. Wash your hair with cold water. This will keep your scalp tight and also increase the blood circulation.

13. Stay natural and try to avoid hair coloring and straightening or other experiments on hair.

14. Never comb your hair when they are wet. It can lead to hair damage.

15. Avoid wearing tight hats or caps or don't tie your hair tight.

16. Eat healthy to prevent hair loss and to keep healthy.

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