S-Care is the answer to all your questions! This natural remedy for diabetes is perfect for people thinking how to cure diabetes. It is the only trusted and verified ayurvedic cure for diabetes available on the market. It can also lower blood sugar naturally, reduce your joint pain, back pain provide arthritis pain relief and lower blood pressure.


Did you know that there is a direct relation between diabetes, obesity, joint pain and high blood pressure levels? Studies have shown that in normal blood glucose range levels, people have less chances of suffering with arthritis pain and have lower blood pressure levels. S-Care has come up with natural remedy for diabetes in pill form which will cure diabetes using herbs for blood sugar that is the only effective ayurvedic medicine for diabetes in the market as of now. S-care, along with being a diabetes natural cure is also the only product in that will also lower blood pressure and provide relief in cases of joint pain, knee pain or back pain.




  • 100% Natural Herbal Product-Ancient Ayurvedic
  • Regenerates beta cells of the islets of the pancreas
  • Increases the uptake of glucose by the cells
  • Exerts Insulin like Action
  • Lowers high blood pressure
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  • Natural Joint Pain Relief
  • Arthritis Pain Relief
  • Holistic Diabetes Treatment
  • No Side Effects
  • Advanced 3 in 1 Formulation
  • Reduces body fat

What is Diabetes?

It is amongst the most common diseases today in which a form of sugar called glucose accumulates in the blood stream and then slowly damages the cardiovascular system, kidneys, eyes, nerves and in some cases even causes joint pain, back pain, arthritis pain, high blood pressure levels too.

By using a ayurvedic treatment like S-Care, you can improve the quality of your life and add years to it as these natural herbal remedies are considered to be more effective for the health complaints such as diabetes, joint pains and high blood pressure levels that do not respond well to traditional medicine.

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How This Works?

Diabetes is amongst the most common diseases today and S-Care is here to help you fight it so you can live a carefree life.

Manages The Functioning of Liver and Pancreas to maintain control over sugar levels
S-Care Advance Is effective in naturally curing both Diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2 disease.
Repairs the damaged cells and tissue naturally to effectively treat the diabetes symptoms.
The main ingredient is Ashwagandha which slows carbohydrate absorption;
increases cells ability to use glucose and increases insulin secretion from the pancreas.
Easy to use & completely Safe
Just Follow the
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Morning and Evening
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After Dinner
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1 Pill with water or milk

Satisfaction achieved by
our customers is phenomenal.

They have controlled their diabetes to a manageable level and are now living a happier life.

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How does ADVANCE S-CARE bring happiness?

Have a look what some of our thousands of
happy clients want to say about ADVANCE S-CARE and its effects!

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Great product, never thought this would work, just bought it as a test trial and now it had become a part of my daily routine. I can't imagine my life without S-Care, never going back to those allopathic diabetes controlling medicines the doctors gave me, this is a far much better and healthier way to control diabetes, without changing the sugar content in your meals / tea. Narayan Das, Delhi

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Thank you S-Care, now I don't have to think about what I eat all the time, I can eat as much sweets and ice creams as I want without thinking of increasing my diabetes. I am now back in my college football team, S-Care has not only helped me control my sugar, but I am now more energetic than ever. Rashima kulkarni, Banglore

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I used to think that I am the only one who has diabetes and suffers from joint pain and high blood pressure levels with it. I saw many doctors and they said that this is related but prescribed me a long and expensive list of medicines. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about that anymore as a friend referred me this S-Care pill which has now reduced my sugar levels and lower my blood pressure too! It even helps with joint pains, S-Care is a blessing! Suryakant sharma, Delhi

100% Natural product
with No Side Effects

Advance S-Care is a 100% natural herbal product with advanced ayurvedic formulation because of which it guarantees that it has no side effects. It's the onlt product that is guaranteed 100% safe to use.

24X7 Service Available

Advance S-Care is a trusted pill for curing diabetes naturally. To maintain that trust, we provide a 24x7 Customer Care number to our customers so they can call and check with our highly trained agents for any query they may have.

Verified by Over 40
Renowned Doctors Worldwide

Advance S-Care pills are verified by top Endocrinologists and backed by the trust of thousands of happy and satisfied customers and they strongly suggest that this pill actually works.

Why People should use Advance S-Care over other products?

Comparison betweenADVANCE S-CARE

  • 1 : Is it Safe? 
  • 2 : Approved by Docotrs?
  • 3 : How easy to use?
  • 4 : How effective is it?
  • 5 : COD available?
  • 6 : Conceived in

Other productsoils, powders or capsules

  • NO (skin rashes, alergic reaction, headache)
  • Only 1 Doctor
  • Use it multiple times a day
  • No proof or statistics
  • Yes
  • China


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  • YES (100% safe and natural)
  • By over 40 doctors worldwide
  • Take 1 spoon a day
  • Scientifically proven
  • Yes
  • Germany
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Advance S-Care Formula

A Natural HerbalProduct with advanced 3 in 1 ayurvedic formulation by combining fifteen rich ingredients that manage blood sugar and stimulates pancreas for normal glucose metabolism preventing diabetes-related complications. S-Care is clinically tested to help lower fasting blood glucose levels, lowering high blood pressure and in certain cases also in reducing joint pain, back pain and arthritis pain. S-Care is an effective ayurvedic remedy for diabetes that comes in pills.

All these herbal ingredients work on the root cause of the diabetes and provide natural diabetes cure for the condition of diabetes by managing the functions of liver and pancreas. Along with relieving you from the symptoms of the Diabetes and regulating the blood sugar these natural herbs also reduces the risk of side effects that are present with Diabetes. As there is a relation between high sugar, joint pains and blood pressure levels, it helps in providing relief from joint pain, high blood pressure and back pains.

In this section, we have described about some important and primary constituents used to make this product and their effects on the final results.


Ashwagandha :100 mg
Saptrangi :100 mg
Amla :75 mg
Kalmegh25 mg
Alovera45 mg
Palash :45 mg
Gurmar :25 mg
Vijaysar :100 mg
Nime :100 mg
Chiraita :10 mg
Jamun100 mg
Giloya :75 mg
Mulethi :25 mg
Aloe Vera :25 mg
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Statistically Proven Effect

To validate the claims about the results and effects of Advance S-Care pills, you can check these statistics. These statistics have been obtained from more than 1,00,000 people who were earlier suffering from diabetes and are now living a carefree life and are able to eat whatever they like!


During the first 2 weeks, addicts experienced a small change in their need for consuming their prefered life tuining substance. In the next 2 weeks, a mojority of the addicts showed decline in the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. During the first 4 weeks, the carbohydrate absorption gradually slowed down and this in turn resulted in the increase in the ability of the cells to utilise the glucose and increase the overall insulin secretion in the body through the pancreas. Over the course of next two weeks, people were diagnosed with lower levels of sugar. Also, people with additional effects of the diabetes such as joint pain, arthritis pain, back pain and high blood pressure levels saw a drastic decrease in the pains. Their blood pressure levels also got lowered.

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Is obesity is a risk factor for diabetes?

Yes. Obesity or being overweight can add to the risk of diabetes. Therefore it is important that you exercise daily and have a diabetic diet chart. You should avoid fatty and oily food. You should focus on how to lose weight.

What are some diabetes symptoms in men?

Erectile Dysfunction, other sexual problems. Men with diabetes can also face retrograde ejaculation. Urologic issues may also occur in men with diabetes due to diabetic nerve damage. Feeling tired without reason is another early symptom. Low testosterone is a common result of diabetes in men.

Is obesity is a risk factor for diabetes?

Yes. Obesity or being overweight can add to the risk of diabetes. Therefore it is important that you exercise daily and have a diabetic diet chart. You should avoid fatty and oily food. You should focus on how to lose weight.

Does Advance S-Care have any side effects?

Being an herbal product, this remedy doesn’t have any side effects. It’s created with ancient ayurvedic formulation.

How Does Advance S-Care work?

It Manages the functioning of the liver and pancreas to maintain control sugar over normal levels. It repairs the damaged cells and tissue naturally to treat the diabetes symptoms.

What is the main ingredient?

The main ingredient is ashwagandha which slows carbohydrate absorption and increases the cells’ ability to utilise glucose. It also increases insulin secretion from the pancreas which helps in absorbing the sugar and lowering your diabetes.