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Natural Ways to Control Diabetes:

Exercise regularly for at least 30 - 40 minutes

Exercise or keeping your physically active is a great way to keep yourself healthy. Do exercise for at least 30 to 40 minutes daily. You can do yoga or can go for a walk daily.

Also in this busy life, always make sure you don’t sit for too long. To avoid sitting all day long, do stretching or walk a little after eating after eating your diet.

Keep monitoring your sugar levels

Monitoring your sugar levels on a regular basis is another way you can keep your glucose levels controlled to a great extent and you will get normal blood sugar level.

Monitor your glucose levels to see what type of diet is affecting them and eat accordingly. As we said earlier, this rises is a lifestyle disorder and you can control it with proper and balanced diet and exercise.

Rule the diet

You have to rule your diet by opting a strict regimen. And said earlier, you have to monitor your diet. You can take help of a good dietitian. Diet is the most important factor in achieving normal blood sugar levels.

For optimum blood glucose levels, you should have small frequent meals. Also try to avoid the mentioned below foods:

Processed/refined or packaged foods like biscuits, chips, and other packaged snacks. Also avoid canned or “ready to eat” meals, beverages or carbonated drinks as they can highly increase your calories, excess meat, oily or deep fried food should also be avoided.

Foods high in starch such as rice, pasta, white bread etc., should be completely avoided.

Instead of these foods you can include oats, flour, low sugar natural juices, which will prevent your blood sugar levels to rise.

You can also have a light meal with chopped fruits, sprouts, and boiled eggs. And make sure to avoid long gaps between the meals.

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