What are the causes that give birth to addiction?

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Addiction Killer is a great cure for substance dependency. It is an ayurvedic medicine to leave alcohol, smoking, and drugs. This ayurvedic medicine for anti-smoking and stop drinking is fortified with potent herbs and ingredients which work together and decrease the cravings and prevent relapses.

What can be the reason that people start taking these harmful substances which further becomes their only need?

Risk Factors Of Addiction:


Genetics is a major risk of addiction. In families with a history of addiction, children are 40 to 60 percent more likely to have this problem. 


Men are more likely to have problems with substance dependency. However, the progression of this is known to be faster in females. 

Mental Disorders:

If you have mental disorders such as depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you are more likely to use harmful substances. 

Trauma And Abuse:

Parental neglect, verbal abuse, physical altercations, sexual abuse, accidents, and natural disasters leave their mark on the mind and the people exposed to these issues are more at a risk to soothe their distress by using alcohol, drugs, smoking or other harmful substances.

How Drug is taken :

Drugs that are smoked or injected enter the brain in seconds and are far more addictive than those you swallow. The "high" soon fades away leaving the person more likely to use often and in higher doses. 

Peer Pressure:

Peer pressure is a powerful influence on whether you drink, smoke or if you use drugs. Of your friends are using alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs, you are more likely to use them also.

Home And Family:

Those growing up in homes disrupted by divorce, mental illness, and parents engaging in drugs and alcohol are at a higher risk of drug abuse. 

School Problems:

Students who have failing grades, poor social skills, a learning disability, skipping school, low motivation, poor bonding with teachers and classmates are more likely to become involved with drugs, alcohol or smoking. 

Early Drug Use:

The younger the person is who uses drugs or alcohol, the more likely they are to become addicted. Drug and alcohol use disrupts brain function in areas like motivation learning, memory, judgment, and control. 

Type of drug taken:

Some drugs are more addictive than others. Drugs like heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, and nicotine (also present in cigarettes and tobacco) are more quickly addictive than alcohol and marijuana. 


Most of the people are addicted to alcohol. Alcohol is very harmful to the body and its dependency can be fatal for a person. Alcohol is the most abused substance by people. 

Practical Tips for Giving Alcohol:

Let Your Family and Friends Know Your Intentions 

  • Talking with your friends and family will lead you to share your daily success and to motivate yourself. 

  • Your family will be proud of you and will sustain everything you are going to do.

Avoid Situations Which May Tempt You to Drink

  • Try to avoid situations that may lead you to temptation. For example, stay away for and while from pubs, bars.

  • Instead, try to go to other places like cafes, cinemas, dancing events, etc. and those places that do not support alcohol.

Give Up Gradually, Do not quit suddenly 

  •  Cut down day by day the amount of alcohol you drink. Don't give up completely. This will make the situation simpler to sustain. 

  • If you drink every night. Try to drink every night until you are able to completely stop.

Reward Yourself When Noticing Progress 

  • It's important for you to not blame yourself if it happens for you to drink after one week of not drinking.

  • To keep you motivated, set short term goals. One week free, one month free and so on.

By adopting these practical and simple tips you will be able to leave alcohol efficiently and effectively and taking Addiction Killer with these will decrease the chances of relapsing.

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